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Do Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain

Jesus said, "Do not take the name of the Lord in vain." This is a message addressed to humans- -not to souls. The 'Lord', here is a deceiver and a power player. In true spirit there is no Lord, for no one exerts suppressive power over another. Suppressive power and authority is only normal in a spiritual virtual reality- -A GAME ENVIRONMENT.

Lords establish themselves through brute actions of every fashion imaginable. Once they have garnered some power in whatever manner possible: through the voting process, through overwhelming power over ordinary men, through cunning, the setting of mental and financial snares, and any other way the criminal mind can get it accomplished.

Once Lordship has been established it is maintained through status differentials known as eminence, authority, organization, management, discipline and the like. Lordship is further enhanced through the traditions of men, by such routines as protocol, ceremony, worship, sacrifice, loyalty oaths, obedience, reward and the like. When any of such things manifest themselves in religion, government, club routines and the like, you know you are being fooled royally, by the only people that can be royal- -bottom-of-the-pit type crooks.

Other types of lordship are permanent, severe physical and mental handicaps, inconsolable sorrows and deprivations, and painful, incurable chronic diseases. They reigns through individuals and they are served by many others who try to help, console, restore health, nurse and give solace. These kinds of lords cannot be conquered, but the very brave learn to ignore the demands and presence of these brutes and go on with life as good as possible. Some escape them through suicide.

Getting back to Jesus' statement, "Do not use the name of the lord in vain" he meant, do not cross lords, in whatever ways they may be manifesting themselves- -powerful leaders and even god. They are like vipers that can never be trusted; so do not cross them, or their fangs will bare and strike immediately. In the universe every creature, without exception lives in fear and brutal subjection of one or more lords.

Jesus had a different reason for saying that than what religions have taken as the spiritual norm. He taught that to be free you must not be concerned with the world because you must choose between the world and spirit- -the world being the wrong choice. Obviously the physical environment is Lord and we are all caught in it until death do us part (presumably). You must appease this lord when your full spiritual attention is in the world, and do what you may it remains an untrustworthy Lord. Jesus is simply stating that Jehovah is Lord and to be free of him you must realize that he is a crook; you must ignore him like a severely disabled person can ignore his disability and go on with life as best he/she can.

Simultaneously, he taught that this Lord Jehovah is a liar and a murderer from the beginning and that the truth is not in him and can never be in him (The Bible, New Testament Gospel of John chapter 8). The book of Revelation warns us to get out of her, the whore of Babylon (forget the relevance of this physical universe). Revelation even reveals god's gender. This Lord, Jehovah, is feminine and a whore- -nothing is pure and true, everything and every thought souls and mankind have been fed is corrupted and betrayed and made of no spiritual effect whatsoever. Oh, there is an effect- -you continued bondage in the only hell there is- -physical reality.

In positive spirit there is no "Lord". The meaning of the word "lord" has the universal connotation of irresistible power but it is nonsense in true spirit. In true spirit the greatest is the least of all. As long as souls and their biological creature-projections need and recognize a 'Lord' they must remain shut out from true spirit. True spirit demands personal responsibility and courage- -not assigned or subjective responsibility and daring done in fear of a lord or overseer.

Religious understanding has it that Jesus meant that if you curse your god you will be punished in your human condition. However, your human condition is a spiritual fraud. It is just a belief system.

We must recognize that we, as creatures, are in and of the world and that Jehovah has repeatedly stated that he is the god of the world and will reward or punish his subjects with material blessings and with material curses--curses and blessings that affect the physical person. Jesus, however, also tells us "Do not be of the world." He teaches that you must overcome your belief in worldly and spiritual lies/concepts and you will be truly free indeed. To obtain the greatest treasure one must sell all we have and then buy the field in which that treasure is buried. The interpretation of this parable is that your human life, your greatest possession must be forfeited in mind and in awareness. It is of no value in comparison to this treasure, eternal spiritual life/awareness.

Jesus primarily addresses souls whom he lost to the serpent, Jehovah, through lies and betrayal. He came to redeem his truly lost sheep to spiritual true reality. Religion can only understand Jesus as a person who preaches in the name of Jehovah as his Messiah- -as man to man conversing in the language of virtual creatures in a virtual environment who recognize the false god (Jehovah) as the creator of the (virtual) physical environment and thus of "ALL THINGS".

In the creating and playing of any game (and existence in the universe is a game) one must establish a set of ground rules and other sets of rules relevant to any particular setting one finds oneself in. God, Jehovah, not only found participants for the game, but had to indoctrinate the participants into playing his game in complete earnest. This can only be done through a brainwashing scheme. Jehovah is the serpent. The serpent brainwashed spiritual entities, Adam and Woman. He started off in his scheme by telling them a lie about their real environment and Jehovah's further use of that lie led Adam and Woman to believe in a false (make-belief) reality he had devised- -the physical universe- -just as people in the previous colonies had to be indoctrinated to 'play' a new game wherein they must see themselves as citizens in the new republic, the 'United States of America'.

Once the precepts of the game have taken hold in the players' (Adam and Woman) minds the new rules of existence in the virtual reality overshadow and hide the scheme of awareness in the true or home reality in the minds of the deceived. The new rules thus become the new truth of the new relationship between the deceived and the reality presented in the new game scenario. Thus, a new concept of reality sprang forth in the minds of the deceived (from original/home-indoctrinated truth to the belief in a set of lies/propaganda-induced rules of being and physical awareness.

So, Jehovah (also known as Yahweh, Brahman, Great Spirit, etc.), the serpent, is the oracle whom we accept as the proclaimer of truth. This spiritual game seems so real that the homespun truth of paradise disappeared from the mind altogether- -we are talking of a new truth and thus of an entirely newly devised kind of mind; a mind that is drawn completely into the newly devised virtual concept of reality and which mind thus does not know its true god and its accompanying true reality.

I can only compare this kind of all-encompassing spiritual delusion with the state of coma a physical person adopts when a person is lying unconscious for months and even years. People in a coma have awareness but their awareness has no point in contact with the awareness of others in the physical reality. Its awareness has no use of the physical body and thus is not using it at all. All its awareness is anchored and centered in some dream scenario.

Reality can disappear instantly. The reality of the Nazi regime disappeared instantly when the allied forces defeated the German god/Lord, Hitler. The communist Soviet block nations experienced an even quicker reversal of virtual reality. In the late 1980 th the communist-indoctrinated people of the Soviet block nations had a complete reversal of rules forced on them again; one from sharing social resources with all to one of exploiting capitalist rules to get rich the quickest and fastest. We know that the pure communist rules of society are the fairest and the best, but avarice of the true criminals in society prevent any good system of reality from taking hold in societies of people. The super rich are thus our greatest adversaries because they need to have their reality enforced on the rest of us for their one-up position to endure.

For instance, I may be writing an article on my computer in the "Word" program and by accidentally hitting the wrong key-combination see the entire Word-environment and my article disappear instantly- -and it happens quite frequently. Germans and Russians experienced such a disappearance of their common reality just about as fast and with even more devastating effects. These people had to wake up from their propaganda enforced dream state and re-indoctrinated into the new scenario.

Physical birth and physical death are only events in a greater sphere of reality than we as physical creatures can be aware of. I can guarantee that upon your physical expiration you will disappear shortly into the negative spiritual awareness of deceived souls and from there, through homesickness for physical reality, choose to reincarnate. Until you can be convinced to give up the hype of physical reality and the hype of the spiritual propaganda attached to it you will do so over and again. This hype is stringently enforced on souls; so, as long as your soul remains totally immersed in the false belief system of universal reality you will reincarnate.

What I am teaching you is that our human lives are always lived in many nesting sets of virtual environments, each with rules that allow the environments to take shape in our awareness. You must agree with me that the awareness the identity of a good and successful Chinese communist, say 20 years ago, was different from the awareness of a good and successful US citizen 20 years ago. Presently, the Chinese people are having an upheaval in their understanding of traditional communism and begin to be aware of something somewhat closer to what US citizens experience as their reality.

Even so, Jesus is, and always was, our true god in paradise whom we in Adam and Woman rejected as the proclaimer of lies when we adopted a new set of ground rules for having awareness based on the deception we had accepted. Our awareness of the true god thus was hidden by a belief in a virtual reality. We must adopt exactly the same scenario when we actively play any game here on earth.

Football players only have awareness in the rules and reality of the football game until the game is over and they, once again, can focus their attention on their private lives. For football players the owner is god and the head coach is the head angel. For as long as we continue to adopt the awareness of a false reality we are shut out from experiencing our native reality, true spirit. The god of football players has power over the players- -there is no doubt about it! In a virtual reality the creation of gods is easy and necessary. It is the power, or Lord, that enforces the reality of football on the players as dictated by the owner and the association of football corporation owners. In a virtual reality many gods/lords can be created with almost absolute power in the isolated domains over which their power is exerted. In cases where the power becomes oppressive the players may create a union or religion to create a communal counter force to reason with or appease the gods/Lords/owners in order to prevent the reality of football to disintegrate altogether. The reality of the football game is a true virtual reality in the greater setting of the virtual setting of the physical universe just as a computer game is associated to its accompanying virtual reality based on the ground rules of the computer environment itself.

The United States of America is a virtual reality. Communist China is a virtual reality. In order to fit into these new realities one must be indoctrinated, forced into accepting a new type of rules of awareness in the new reality.

Immigrants into the US must live and work for five years in the US and must study the new ground rules and concepts of law in order to be accepted as new citizens of the United States of America. These are all necessary steps in participating actively in any virtual game reality. Virtual realities change all the time. If the public interest shifts altogether from supporting football to soccer football may not even be remembered by our great grand children. In this case the propaganda supporting and enforcing soccer will have overpowered the propaganda that supported the game of football. It is all based on propaganda and the subsequent enforcement of the dominant false belief system. Your physical life is based on clever negative spiritual propaganda; and you play it with gusto and as if your utter beingness depends on it. Physical reality and its associated awareness in the diverse groups of humans are based on warfare of conflicting propaganda/religious/political systems devised by competing Lords.

Paul referred to this propaganda war as 'spiritual warfare' in the New Testament in the Bible (Ephesians 6: 10 through 20). Can you see that the 'apostle' Paul here introduced a means and weaponry of spreading a new type of propaganda that would endorse and enforce Christendom according to Paul's understanding- -a propaganda that established Christendom securely in the mid-east and in Europe until a new propaganda system of the Muslim religion, violently spread and enforced in the 6th century, uprooted Christendom in the mid-east and certain parts of Europe. Most Muslims in these areas cannot even remember that Christianity ever reigned there. Presently, the Muslim religion again is making inroads in the western world- -not through war but through indoctrination. Neither of the religions means a thing as these are all played off in the spiritual, computer-generated, virtual environment called physical universe.

Remember that the indoctrinated players in the game of football, for instance, create the reality in football. Without entities willing to learn, preach and play the game there is no football game. So, similarly, souls are participants in the game of playing computer-generated creatures in an artificially created physical reality. We, as souls (and thus as humans) participate wholeheartedly and that is why we believe that physical reality is all there is for us humans. Humans are the active virtual entities in the game, but the true players are our deceived souls.

In any situation where one entity can have power over another deceit and evil are present and practiced at it highest level possible and enforced through indoctrination and enforcement on the submissive entities (these entities can be one, two, thousands and millions, depending on the all-pervasiveness and power of the gods/lords). This is true in horse racing, in politics, in religion and in spirit.

Truly, the only way to get followers or to gain power, money and status in any game scenario is to sell information, services and products that will stick the greatest number of souls' heads deeper in the muck of spiritual and human deceit.

Deceived spiritual souls masquerading as biological creatures in the universe can only accept as truth what souls already have been conditioned to know and understand­­ about the frame of reference they have accepted concerning the lie the spiritual deceiver (creatures' accepted god) has instilled in them. Anything outside that false spiritual frame of understanding (the plain spiritual truth) must be rejected because it would overthrow their understanding of, and participation in the virtual realm" completely. One must understand that in the spiritual game of universal awareness the virtual players, in this case biological creatures, are hermetically separated from the true players just as the virtual players in a computer soccer game are separated from the real players through the medium of the computer game environment. The physical players are aware of the computer entities but the computer entities are utterly oblivious of the players outside the computer environment that manipulate them. That is exactly why I know that biological creatures are mere virtual players in a spiritually played game of 'physical reality' played in some spiritual computer environment.

It is only through the experiences encountered in playing the game 'physical reality' a soul can begin to learn what Jesus intended for them to learn by entering into the game of physical universe as another player. He entered the game as a computer entity, but as one who had power in real spirit to control the computer environment to create the miraculous effects in the physical reality just as Jehovah is able to do so as related in the Old Testament and the ability he, as god and Lord, presently still has.

But being in a virtual reality is fiction; and such participation must always be based on beings existing in a higher level of reality. We, as humans, are the projections of souls caught in a deceitful negative realm of awareness in a higher level of reality: spirit. These souls themselves see themselves as beings in negative spirit which understanding again is based on false information. Do you begin to see the many levels of deceit we are all subject to as creatures lying in a coma in true spirit?

To seek the spiritual truth one must look at those things that according to your human frame of mind cannot possibly be true or rational. Remember, that all you know and understand and can accept as you go on living as humans and as souls, not only shuts spiritual truth out altogether, it prevents spiritual redemption as Jesus of Nazareth taught in his true, and socially and religiously completely rejected message. What Jesus as Christ taught were messages that he was forced to preach by Jehovah, Jesus' spiritual arch enemy- -messages from man to man. However he did also insert his true message in all the gobbledygook he uttered. Jesus' true spiritual message as Anti-Christ is considered nonsense or beyond human comprehension- -a mystery or magic. Humanity cannot have it. Yet, the spirit in Jesus is our true god and he is working hard to again bring you to awareness in true spirit. I got it; so, really, I am not truly human any more; and thus can you too!

My book does not sell well because it addresses Jesus' true message. The separation of the sheep and the goats is thus a separation of those who can have his true message and those who cannot have it. All I have written can help you to get the correct understanding; understanding that can penetrate through the hermetic computer-generated barrier; and thus can cause you, as soul to be redeemed into your true native reality. Presently, your soul is utterly ignorant as to what in hell happened to it when it believed a lie about its true reality.

Work toward spiritual redemption through fear and trembling! What you hold to be the truth, whatever that may be, is spiritually utterly false; yet its power over you is having you so scared you are utterly unwilling to make what you read here your new truth.

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