Monday, June 11, 2012

The Extent of Chiropractic Care

It may be that chiropractic care has been synonymous to back and spine problems but if you are to dig deeper, you will know that it encompasses more than that. It is more extensive that it actually addresses other medical and health issues. The fact that chiropractors had a rigorous training to hone them the skills and understanding on how to manage various diseases should placate whatever fears you have. Chiropractic also has different specialties making a chiropractor to have more knowledge to treat specific patients like children and pregnant women.

Back pain. This ranks as the most common reason why patients seek the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractors treat approximately 65-70% of patients with back pain concerns.

Neck and head pain. Second in rank, neck and head pain are usually simultaneous where adjustments are done on the cervical spine.

Migraines. Spinal manipulation is performed for this illness. Unlike other doctors, there are no medications prescribed for migraine sufferers. Brought by subluxations in the neck and spine, manual manipulation is performed to help the patient achieve equilibrium in his neck and spine.

Blood pressure. Mild manipulation is given to patients suffering from high blood pressure. The slight pressure make the pressure of blood to rest and the outcome is more visible to older people.

Upset stomach. This requires manipulation of the back to reclaim a person's normal digestive tasks.

Colic among babies. Is it not a pity to hear a baby crying all night and all because of colic? Babies who received chiropractic treatment had a restful sleep, as their colic was eliminated.

Children's Bed Wetting. Most children were cured of their bed wetting problems. There are those who eliminated this issue after two treatments while others improved after a month. Nevertheless, it is suffice to say that kids were relieved of this problem, which is a truly embarrassing one.

Asthma. A result of physical limitation or neurological discrepancy, asthma can also be relieved by chiropractic treatment. The body's over-sensitivity is relieved by adjusting the spine.

One cannot deny the fact that chiropractic care is a big help. It does not compete, however, to other branches of medicine. A chiropractor will still refer a patient if the illness was found to be beyond his extent of expertise.

The number of patients seeking chiropractic care has tremendously increased for the past years. This is a good sign, as it only signifies that people have matured and have accepted this branch of alternative medicine, which is affordable and painless and yet assures a patient of being cured.

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